• Harestock Handicap

    The Harestock Handicap is an informal handicap race enjoyed on the first Thursday of every month.

    The Harestock Handicap is open to all club members, and you can meet us by the bus stop on Stoney Lane (see the training location map for start location) at 7:30 pm. We encourage everyone to warm up before meeting and being issued their handicap time. Runners follow a 1.12-mile route from the bus stop, up Bereweeke Avenue, before turning left onto Taplings Road and down onto Fromond Road, finishing back at the bus stop.

    The idea is for all runners, based on their handicap time, to finish together or as close to as possible!



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    Harestock Handicap – Feb 24

    Harestock Handicap – Jan 24

    Harestock Handicap 2023 – Final Results