• HRRL Grand Prix

    Winchester Running Club operates a Grand Prix (GP) using the results of all HRRL races. Andy Carton manages the GP. Prizes are awarded at the end of the season, and results will be updated here after each race.


    In both the main and age-adjusted GP competitions, the 1st WRC lady and man receives 13 points, the 2nd 12 points, the 3rd 11 points and so on until the 12th who receives 2 points and every runner after that receives 1 point. Points from all 12 HRRL races are added together.

    In the age-adjusted GP, the times of older runners and teens are first reduced by a factor based on their age on the race day. Main GP winners are excluded from the age-adjusted GP.


    1. Please enter races as “Winchester Running Club” and not as “WRC etc.”
    2. Age adjustments and Age performances %’s have been made using the factors available from USATF MLDR Road age-grading Calculator 2020
    3. For the club’s first season, WRC members who enter at least one HRRL race representing WRC will have all their HRRL races counted for this GP competition, whether they entered as WRC or WADAC.
    4. The list of awards for the WRC competitions will be finalised later in the season.
    5. In case of queries, please email Andy Carton

    Summary - As at 20 May 24

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