• People

    Executive Committee

    The Executive Committee is responsible to the membership for the day to day running of the club.
    • Tamsin Anderson

      Tamsin has run in some shape or form for most of her life save for a brief reprieve during University years during which she thought she had found better things to do. Realising she was wrong she took it up again and went on to run most distances, in the latter years running everything from 5k to marathon although has been known to suffer a few longer races! Tamsin runs for the love if it and how it makes her feel mentally and physically; to be outdoors is my favourite. She wants this running club to be a safe place for anyone of any ability to join up with friends and enjoy the journey of training together. chair@winchesterrunningclub.org.uk
    • Kate Green

      Kate has been a member of different running clubs across the country for nearly 5 years. She has been part of previous committees and volunteered in lots of different ways as she feels passionately about giving back to the sport. She absolutely loves running in all its forms, and you’ll usually find her at training or a race with her big coloured earrings, cheering at the top of her lungs, or dressed as a Christmas pudding during the festive season timing 1km reps! secretary@winchesterrunningclub.org.uk
    • Alex Lane

      Alex moved to Hampshire 18 months ago, running is her community and made her feel at home. She is all about sport being available to everyone and being an inclusive place, so this is her way of enabling others to do the sport she loves. Trail runs, running circles or racing on the road, she just loves running! treasurer@winchesterrunningclub.org.uk
    • Sam Parkinson

      Welfare Officer and DBS
      Sam rediscovered running when her children joined a local club some 13 years ago. She immediately caught the bug and entered the Great South Run. Happy to not only finish it but do so in a reasonable time, she decided to take the plunge and also join a club. Sam has run all distances from 1500 up to the marathon and beyond but has a special place in her heart for cross country. She can always be found in the mud throughout the winter months. Relays are a bit of a speciality for Sam, and she will travel far and wide for the excitement of a good relay race. Especially if there is potential for a masters team win! Although running is an individual sport, the value of community has been important for Sam. She has, in the past, helped manage the Welsh Castles team and was, until recently, road relays manager for women. Away from running, Sam has worked for over 30 years for the NHS, working mainly with children and families. Safeguarding has always been of paramount importance in her work. This experience will support her as club welfare officer. welfare@winchesterrunningclub.org.uk
    • Matt Smallman

      Membership Secretary
      Matt is an enthusiastic endurance runner, although not necessarily fast. He has only recently discovered the sense of camaraderie and support that comes with club running. Matt doesn't compete as often as he might like but thoroughly enjoys the challenge when he does. His favourite distances are half and full marathons on road or trail but he has also competed in a few ultra-distance trail races and is eager to participate in more. Matt is too scarred by childhood experiences to consider cross-country or track races so don't even ask. Matt looks after our website and membership process. Matt lives in Winchester with his wife and teenage son, running his own security consulting business from a glorified shed at the bottom of his garden. You can contact him at membership@winchesterrunningclub.org.uk